Instructions for Setting Up Your Marketing System



Step 1: Log in and Get Yourself a domain:


You'll need to set up a domain with your account. To do this, you can either purchase a new domain directly from your back office (easiest), or transfer one that you already own (much more complicated).


You will need to REGISTER 1 DOMAIN for the Unlimited Wealth System


When creating a domain name try to make the name relevant to what you are promoting. An example would be: for the Unlimited Wealth System.


Login and click the button that says 'Add Your Domain':


Follow the simple steps to get your domain.

(The button will turn from red to green once this step is completed.)



Step 2: Click on the Getting Started Tab then 'Companies You Promote'.



Step 3: Scroll through the list of companies & find.


Company #1: Easy 1 Up



Highlight 'Easy 1 Up' and click 'Save'



Copy and paste the URL below for your 'Instant Cash Business' and change USERNAME to YOUR username:


If you DO NOT have an Instant Cash Business then - CLICK HERE.


To 'Copy & Paste', highlight the entire link above, right click your mouse, and click 'Copy' Wherever your cursor is blinking, right click your mouse and click 'Paste'.


Company #2: VEXA Global



Highlight 'Code 1' and click 'Save'



If you are not an VEXA Global member please - CLICK HERE.


Company #3: Udimi Solo Ads, MLM Leads, and Traffic For Me



Highlight 'Udimi, MLM Leads, and Traffic For Me' and click 'Save'



On the next page paste Your Affiliate Link/URL for 'FutureNet'

Affiliate Program for FutureNet – CLICK HERE



Step 4: Share Code for the Unlimited Wealth System:



Paste this share code 327828-4UWS in the 'My Sharing Codes' section.

To get there, hover over 'Websites' then click on 'My Sharing Codes'.



Paste in this share code: 327828-4UWS & click 'Submit'



Step 5: Click on 'Websites'



'Websites' is a main header across the top.
By now you should have either purchased or transferred a domain and possibly set up a subdomain.


Scroll down a little (after clicking on 'Websites') and look for this drop down menu:


 (1) In the dropdown menu for: 'Choose Which Domain To Set Up':
Select the Website You want to use for Promoting the Unlimited Wealth System.

(2) In the dropdown menu for: 'I want to attract someone to...'
Select: 'become a Prospect  of whatever I want'



Scroll Down to: Unlimited Wealth System
Click on:  'Use this one'




Scroll Down to the Bottom of the page and click on:
'Save My Choice'



Step 6: You are Finished


You are now finished setting up your Lead Capture page, email campaign, and Funnel. Now give everyone the URL you set up and promote: the Unlimited Wealth System.




Do NOT use a 'WWW' in your URL if you are creating a subdomain.


For more information for both beginners and advanced users about using the Power Lead System. Go to: Training > Training Area


Set up an account for the Training Site if You Haven't. This is the place to go if you have a question.




IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: RESULTS SHOWN ARE NOT TYPICAL. This business may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand any and all risks involved. Any proof of income/earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but might be possible to earn this or more with equal or greater strategy and work ethic.


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